About Us

Tucker Roudes started as a side side project built on the idea that we small creative can create big visual branding directly with incredible brands. Isolating needs, helping to find a visual voice that will resonate and connect with your people. Taking pride in our own values we link into brands that have similar values and mindsets. From an understated calm cool in pace of slow fashion, to notable sustainable practices, to eco-friendly product production, to an awareness of minimal carbon foot print, and ethical work practices. Just to name a few. This work of photographer & creative, Christina Holmes, extents past in the goal of integrating other amazing collaborators based on needs. Featuring high end, luxe, minimalistic, and modern artistic collaborations with like minded brands. Artist. Photographer. Creative. Collaborator. Seeking to create authentic visuals that resonates more than anything else than as art. The work is done with time, passion, heart, and love for really creating a unique voice for each. With a deeper purpose at hand. Working with clients from around the world from small brands to established ones looking for a refresher. Building programs that work with you, and for you as we help you grow and then set you on your feet. Working one on one, with other incredible artists as well brought in based on the project, we like to collaborate with amazing. New York. Beirut. Barcelona. South Korea. Paris.