TR x Hawkins New York


New York, New York.

This incredible visual partnership that continues to grow four seasons strong in such a strong voice and direction now into year two of our visual creations. Since the start Hawkins has opened new retail in LA and beyond as they grow in a steady fashion, while creating waves. Tucker Roudes is excited to share with you yet another incredible campaign now dropping for SS19 as we take you to the Sahara Desert in Morocco for some summer inspiration and creative genius. Enjoy this last masterpiece as the work will move to an in house studio we have build for the brand up in Hudson New York. To an incredible two years of visual collaboration creativity as we celebrate the visual branding that has taken the brands superior products next level. To a bright future.  Thank you Nick Blaine & Paul Delony! To our incredible work, group creative collaboration, Nick your amazing layouts! It's has been a pleasure getting to creating with you both!

















Hawkins SS17 Collaboration live. This continued collaboration brings new interesting visuals filled with negative space and story. Stay tuned this week as we launch different imagery from the collaboration. 1 of 10. [ Credits. Created by Tucker Róudes . All Rights Reserved.]





Hawkins FW16 Pink Series & Blue Series. Finding shape in light and in layered monochromatic color we explore these two elements melding together as one and what might come from it. 1 of 4. [ Credits. Created by Tucker Róudes . All Rights Reserved. ]