TR X Common Things

Common Things

East Village, New York.

A new collaboration with architect, designer, and founder of Common Things - Komal Kehar. In her own words ; The shop’s namesake and ideology is an earnest homage to Pablo Neruda’s Odes to Common Things, a poem in which the writer declares his affinity for the seemingly mundane objects that tie the minutiae of one’s life together. The candle holders, back scratchers, and Montessori-minded toys — the soap blocks, tea tins, and textiles. Intentionally diverse and idiosyncratic, the one near constant thread within the shop’s curation is the color blue inspired by the unmistakable, pure pigment of Yves Klein. - Something we like about “common things” is the misconception that they are ordinary or insignificant. The truth is, in fact, that those are the objects that color people’s lives. Cups, pencils and the tiny table where you rest your water glass - these are the threads that tie the minutiae of daily life together. Our shop is an ode to those things. -Komal . We partner with Komal and bring to life the visual voice of the story - of the common thing. - TR

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